Gael painting with watercolours


‘Commissions’ is a distinctive way to create an original and unique piece of artwork; you can be involved in the design process and in selecting the subjects in the painting. You can commission me to create a ‘portrait’ of a person, a place, a date or a time of year – by using the plants, flowers and treasured objects that are conjured up for you.

Together we can develop an intimate piece of work so that you can keep or give the ultimate gift to be treasured forever. Imagine a piece of original artwork that gives a special and personal message to the viewer each and every time it is looked at – it might take you to a favourite place, remind you of a person, or celebrate a special date.

These pages show the way that I work and the types of work that can be created. I am passionate about creating detailed and highly accurate natural history pictures. Using the small and often insignificant ephemeral objects found around us in field, lane, hedge and wood I work in watercolour to make a painting that tells a story to the viewer.

My Bridal Bouquet service recreates your wedding flowers for posterity, in a simple heart or wreathe to show everlasting love and to remind how your love will flourish in the years ahead.

If you are a horticulturalist, keen gardener or plant lover I can paint your chosen plant or flower, either traditionally or with a more contemporary edge, as you wish.

I work with institutions and organisations to create botanical or natural history artwork to support advertising, editorial or publishing requirements.