Artist development

Artist development

This confidential coaching option takes place in my studio. You can book between one to six half days with me. Most people book several sessions to do any or all of the following:

• Portfolio review
• Review of working practices and motivations
• Consideration of membership of societies, formal learning, exhibiting opportunities
• Development of ideas for new bodies of work
• Reflection on inspirations and muses

A range of resources are available to help you to develop the artist within. Many of us have developed our creative bent in adulthood when there are conflicting and varied pressures on us. Working out what your motivation is and what to do about it and how to harness your creative drive as an adult is not always easy. I can provide you with the right environment for you to reflect on what is important you to you as an artist or maker.

Follow up sessions can be booked at any time. Most people find at least two sessions with a couple of weeks in between for self directed learning and follow up work

Cost per half day (3 hours) £120
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